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MyCommunity is the IET’s online professional networking and collaboration platform for engineers. It enables individuals to connect, share knowledge, ideas and opportunities with a specific network of people. 

Here you will find:

What does MyCommunity enable you to do? 
The new platform enables you to:
  • Manage a personal profile;
  • Join and form groups;
  • Find peers and connect with people and groups;
  • Ask and answer questions, discuss and debate;
  • Find out what’s going on in a location;
  • Upload and download technical articles, information and video content;
  • Collaborate with others to create and share knowledge using DocCreate.
What are the benefits?
MyCommunity will enable you to put yourself at the heart of your community where you can share documents, videos and web content including Twitter feeds and YouTube videos. You will benefit from instant connection with your community, networking and engaging in conversations with fellow peers. By managing an online profile you will be able to engage with your community and raise your professional profile.
Summary of MyCommunity benefits

Easy to use
  • MyCommunity is user-friendly and does not require formal training

Global access
  • IET members are able to request the creation of a new community;
  • All community members are able to contribute and upload information not just one webmaster.

  • Interact and engage to suite your own needs. You can observe, contribute or create content at many different levels;  
  • There are a number of features available which can be incorporated into a community area such files, photos, videos, discussions, DocCreate;  
  • Communities don’t have to use all the features available.

  • New content is immediately visible so no need to wait for a publishing run

  • Members can find peers easily and quickly using the search functionality

  • Members can discuss, debate, ask and answer questions with peers from around the globe

Discover MyCommunity
Why not have a look for yourself and search for a community that interests you, whether it is your local community or a technical interest? You can also search for MyCommunity members and browse members by their technical interests.
Contact us
If you have any suggestions, issues or problems, please don’t hesitate to email the IET MyCommunity Team: