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  • Posted Mon 08 Dec 2014 03:16 GMT
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Iain, I notices the IPRA training which occurred in December which was a pity as I had both a need for an IPRA for a member of my team, and a willingness to become one myself. Somehow my correspondence didn't make it to the right place, but I would be grateful if you could add me to the next course and I spend my time equally in KSA, Qatar and UAE.

I live in Dubai.

  • Posted Sun 18 May 2014 07:10 BST
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welcome to the mauritius network. hope to see often on the my community platform. any comments and suggestions are most welcomed

iet mauritius network chairman
  • Posted Fri 11 Jan 2013 03:59 GMT
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Hi, Iain.
For your profile you can update it with eg Social Media Information LinkedIn:

  • Posted Thu 12 Jul 2012 10:10 BST
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Hi, Iain I notice my contact request is still pending. I can volunteer to upload the 4Jun12 MOM now to the IET Benelux area as I am the website owner. There can always be a rev1 addendum if necessary. By your command this will be so ( works!) regards, Johan
  • Posted Sat 09 Jun 2012 10:42 BST
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