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    An 11kV cable is to feed a 1MVA (FLC Ip- 52A) Transformer, from switchgear rated at 25kA for 1 sec, with system fault current of 15kA.  My understanding is that the cable would be sized on the let through energy of the protection, and...
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    Hello Bob

    Quick clarification from me on who can contribute to the various online threads and groups...

    MyCommunity is open to everyone (IET members and non-members) and everyone can contribute to site-wide dicussions like this. The...
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    The most successful and operational leaders are those who make you sense that they are really listening. Most outstandingly, they at all times remember everyone’s names.
    So how will you improve at remembering names even those peop...
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    MyCommunity hosts a number of groups related to Energy.
    Why not join these groups to see what others are discussing:
    Energy Sector
    Future Energy Community
    Power Generation Conversion and Utilisation Network
    Power Systems and Equi...
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    HTTPS is BAD for Web-sites
    And creates a false sense of security for clients.
    Do NOT rely on HTTPS/SSL/TLS.
    HTTPS uses SSL/TLS which are tools from the 1980s.  They still have some efficacy in protecting client privacy, but they signif...

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