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    I 'm not happy in general to dismantle panels becuse i'm not a panel builder. if one of your guys was on site to do it then it removes us from the responsibility.  You are correct about the low load, in fact it is a more stringent test on low l...
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    Thanks Eddie, very useful comments.  At present our thinking is to provide bolted links on the incoming side of the panel, and a contactor cabled for single phase.  This would be cabled in to replace each link in turn.  So a bit of reconnec...
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    As someone involved regularly in G59 testing throughout the UK I will comment as follows from practical experience.
    This was largely a requirement in G59/2. Scottish Power Energy Networks in the ex MANWEB area insist on this being do...
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    As a non-expert myself I have to ask the question "what is the reasoning and purpose behind the calculation?" 

    1. Is it for rule of thumb design purposes? (perhaps more relevant for a ring main with multiple sockets than a single socket...
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    I am working as an Electrical Engineer and I have doubts regarding the Demand factor and the Diversity factor when designing commercial building power distribution systems.

    I want to get clear in following Incident:

    I am pla...

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