Power Network Joint Vision

The IET Power Network Joint Vision (PNJV) expert group was formed in November 2012 to help ensure our national electricity networks are ready to meet the significant challenges of low carbon generation technologies and new requirements such as electric vehicle charging, wind and solar generation, and heat pumps in homes. From both engineering and business perspectives, it is now recognised that a ‘whole system’ approach is required to address these new challenges – and this is in itself a challenge for an industry that has not required ‘whole systems’ thinking for many years
The IET has brought together the panel of experts from transmission and distribution network companies, consultants, and academia, with helpful advice from the regulator and government, to bring together practical experience of both the operation and the planning of today’s electricity system. This work is being undertaken in close association with other industry groups including the Smart Grid Forum and the Electricity Network Strategy Group.
The aim of the Power Network Joint Vision expert group is to assist in building an integrated perspective for the planning and operation of the future electricity network, ensuring not only technical performance but also opportunities for jobs and exports are identified at an early stage.  The group will identify the issues, define the questions to be answered, clarify the parties accountable, and highlight areas of relevance to national policy-making.
This work is a starting point for building knowledge and confidence, ensuring that the significant engineering changes ahead for our national electricity system can be met without risk to supply security and resilience.
The IET believes it is vital to have a joined-up approach to the design of the future GB power infrastructure. It is in the interest of all stakeholders that future grid development is holistic and achieves secure and economic outcomes while responding to a number of entirely new and less predictable requirements.  This work will assist the government in lowering carbon emissions, making more efficient use of the UK’s resources, and identifying new opportunities for jobs and exports.
This work is being led by the IET’s Energy Sector in collaboration with the IET Energy Policy Panel.
A news release about the creation of the PNJV Expert Group was issued in May 2013.
An IET Briefing entitled “What is a Smart Grid?” explains in layman’s terms the need for innovation in the electricity network.
The IET published its first technical report and position entitled "Handling a Shock to the System" (informed by members of the PNJV expert group) on the 4 of December 2013.


Please download the feedback document for a summary of comments recieved.

Since the launch, the IET PNJV steering group have been pursuing potential opportunities to fund additional research studies in particular around the role of a system architect and the potential to model future network scenarios. More to follow in this throughout 2014...
Membership & Acknowledgements of the Power Network Joint Vision Expert Group
The majority of the financial support to produce the IET’s Position Statement and Technical Report was provided by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), with in-kind donations from National Grid and Western Power Distribution and additional donations of time and resource from Cardiff University.
The following is a list of the IET Power Network Joint Vision (PNJV) participants, who have contributed to the production of the IET documents. The IET would like to thank each and every one of them for their time and support in this process.
Professor Graham Ault CEng, FIET, MIEEE
Dr Cornel Brozio CEng, MIET
Peter Buxton CEng, BSc(Eng), FIET, MSc
Mark Drye CEng, FIET
Craig Dyke CEng, MIET
Helen Farr MIET
Neil Fitzsimons CEng, MIET
Gordon Graham AMIET, BSc, MBA
Dr Vandad Hamidi CEng, MIET, MIEEE
Dr Simon Harrison CEng, FEI, FIET
Barry Hatton CEng, FIET
Roger Hey CEng, MIET
Martin Hill MIET
Phil Johnson MIET
Mike Kay CEng, FIET, MA, MSc
Dr Bless Kuri MIET
Phil Lawton CEng, MIET
Jaime Moniet CEng, MIET, MSc
Dave Openshaw CEng, FIET
Stewart A Reid FIET
Michelle Sawyer  
John Scott CEng, FIET
Professor Goran Strbac CEng, MIET, MIEEE
Lee Thomas MIET
Roddy Wilson CEng, MIET, MIEEE, BSc
The IET also thanks Gareth Evans, CEng, MIET (Head of Profession - Engineering, The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem)) and Craig Lucas, CEng,  FIET, MSc (Head of Engineering, Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC)) for giving up their time to be consulted by the IET as part of the PNJV work programme.
The two Case Studies included in the Technical Report have been developed, researched and compiled by Dr Dia Adhikari, Alasdair Burchill and Lee Thomas, under the guidance of Dr Jianzhong Wu and Professor Nicholas Jenkins, all from Cardiff University.


Electricity Networks: handling a shock to the system
IET position statement on the whole system challenges facing Britain's electricity network
Available to download 6pm 4 December 2013

Electricity Networks: handling a shock to the system
IET technical report on the whole system challenges facing Britain's electricity network.

The print version and web version will be available to download 6pm 4 December 2013

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