Flexible Play and Play

Flexible Plug and Play

The IET and UK Power Networks have formed a unique partnership to share knowledge gained from an innovation project, Flexible Plug and Play, which is largely funded by Ofgem’s Low Carbon Network Fund.

The Flexible Plug and Play project will trial a number of innovative new technical and commercial solutions to improve the use of the distribution network in the project trial area is a rural area of around 700sqkm between Peterborough, March and Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, in the East of England. 

Through Flexible Plug and Play, UK Power Networks will learn how to manage constraints on the network in real time and will identify the most flexible and cost effective means of connecting renewable generation.

The project will also develop a strategic investment modelling tool that will identify when it makes best economic and carbon sense to reinforce the networks or use smart alternatives.

IET and UK Power Networks collaboration

Our vision is to share and advance world-class knowledge with our 150,000 members, of which 33,000 are in the Energy sector.  

All the knowledge gained from Flexible Plug and Play will be shared with key stakeholders, including other distribution network operators, Ofgem and DECC and therefore the partnership is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge.

Flexible Plug and Play has hosted two learning events.  These can be watched in IET.TV.

3 June 2013:  ‘The deployment of a new telecommunications platform and IEC 61850’
18 March 2018: ‘Smart commercial arrangements for interruptible connections’
CIRED 2013 – 10-13 June 2013
Flexible Plug and Play presented two oral papers and two posters and featured in a Round Table on Distributed Energy Resources (DER). 
  • Round table: Flexible Plug and Play: Smart Solution for connecting distributed generation
  • Oral: Flexible plug and play low carbon networks: commercial solutions for active network management, reference 768
  • Oral: Flexible plug and play low carbon networks: an open and scalable active network management solution for a faster and cheaper distributed generation connection, reference 874
  • Poster: Flexible plug and play low carbon networks: quadrature booster trial at 33 kV, reference 789
  • Poster: Modern communications infrastructure to enable flexible management of network constraints and increased levels of distributed generation, reference 739
CIRED 2012
  • Oral: Flexible Plug and Play Low Carbon Networks Provision of faster and cheaper connection of renewable energy reference 0086