Community/local energy

IET Parliament Evidence and TSB Scoping Workshops - enabling distributed energy as part of the future energy mix

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved in the debate around Community/Local Energy then please read below!

The IET (represented by Duncan Botting - Energy Policy Panel) gave oral evidence to the Energy and Climate Change Committee on “Local Energy” on 16 May 2013.  

The IET’s submission to the ECC Select Committee noted the valuable contribution that medium scale local energy can make and stressed that policy for local energy should be developed from a whole system perspective, looking at contributions to low carbon heat, network efficiency and public engagement as well as the simply supplying electricity.

Details of this submission can be found on the UK Parliament website.

The session is available to view on Parliament TV.

Community energy systems scoping workshops – enabling distributed energy as part of our future energy mix

Objective: An opportunity to help contribute to scoping out planned Technology Strategy Board investment activities for early 2014 in community energy systems where our investment criteria centres around
  • Global market opportunity;
  • UK business capability to research, develop and exploit technologies;
  • Timeliness of investment;
  • Added value of investment.

Background: There will be a complex mix of technologies generating, transmitting, distributing and storing energy by 2050. These will range from larger scale installations such as nuclear power stations, offshore wind farms, to smaller scale installations such as wind, biomass, solar, hydro, combined heat and power, and energy from waste etc. At the same time, there will be increased demand for energy due to examples such as the electrification of heating systems and electric vehicles.

Challenge: To match energy demand with supply through a resilient national energy system that incorporates smaller scale distributed energy systems in an effective way; this will involve working with new and disruptive supply chains with opportunities in hardware, software, and systems integration.

Opportunity: The opportunity for the Technology Strategy Board and its partners is to create value to the UK economy (both through the home market and export opportunities) and deliver on its policy commitments by bringing together a number of sectors developing individual products and services that can help build, deliver and transfer knowledge in localised energy systems that aim to be commercially viable as part of the UKs future energy mix.

We are looking to develop investment activities in community energy that will take a systems approach to solving the many challenges in delivering local, robust, and commercially viable energy systems that are compatible with national scale infrastructure. Any investment activity will need to identify market failures and clear opportunities for which support will generate significant improvement and additionality and the position of UK plc will be enhanced as a result.

This requires input from a number of sectors to identify and solve challenges in and around four primary sectors:

Energy supply
  • systems development and design across the supply chain, localised energy systems that combine electricity and heat generation and storage through aggregating individual technologies;
  • Sensors and communication between individual generation and storage technologies as well as larger scale infrastructure;
  • Active control of energy systems through to distribution level;
  • Business models that enable technologies and systems to be used effectively in terms of energy trading.

Built environment
  • Better connected buildings and communities;
  • Lowering demand through  demand side management;
  • DC power systems.

  • Electric vehicle charging to the grid.

  • Digital energy;
  • Data generation and security.

Through a series of workshops and online activity we are looking for business communities from all of the above sectors to help us decide on the priority challenge areas we should focus our investment as well as the most appropriate tools to use. We hope you can join us in this exciting opportunity.

Events: TSB activities through the summer will be supported by the IET, ESPKTN, ESKTN, EG&S KTN & MBE KTNs:

25 June: A Scoping Event in Belfast
8 July: A Scoping Event in Glasgow
17 July: A Dissemination of Earlier TSB Energy Investments in London