The Gamification of Manufacturing

In the latest Industry Insight produced by the Design and Production Sector we explore research being carried out at Cranfield University that is considering how gaming technologies can come to the rescue of the skill-starved manufacturing industry of the future.  Automation is widespread in modern manufacturing and the need for the greater implementation of intelligent automation is widely argued, particularly in a UK that is considered significantly behind many of its competitors.
However, manual labour is still, and will continue to be, high in demand for a large variety of complex tasks that combine human skill and dexterity with sophisticated cognition. Any significant advances that can be made regarding the shortfall of sufficient and adequately qualified labour based resource will therefore have the potential for significant impact. Manufacturers and Government alike discuss and debate how the popularity of STEM subjects can be increased, how can apprenticeship and graduate numbers be increased and these debates must continue however, are there technological solutions for an existing or under skilled workforce?
In this Industry Insight Professor Ashutosh Twari examines his work towards enabling the capture and digitisation of complex human skills, using off the shelf technologies form the computer games industry which could provide a low cost solution with profound implications in the short, medium and long term.
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