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Unmanned Aerial Systems in Agriculture
Harper Adams University held a day-long seminar dedicated to current UAS technologies and their potential for Agriculture. View the presentations from the day which examine current options on the market, potential for financial impact and future issues such as Big Data.
First draft of UK Robotics and Autonomous Systems Strategy
The Robotics & Autonomous Systems SIG, set up by the Technology Strategy Board,  have spent the last 18 months road mapping across the breadth of the RAS sector and building a draft strategy for Robotics & Autonomous Systems for the UK.
Does innovation in sensing technology hold the key to addressing the rising number of complaints of contaminants in our food?
Physical contamination of food and drink from well-established food industry materials such as metal, plastic and glass still manage to evade the carefully constructed safety mechanisms established to trap them. An industry that can be very conservative in the adoption of new technologies needs to be aware of what innovative sensing technologies are being developed whose sensitivity, specificity, cost and overall performance are beginning to align with the needs of the food industry. The Knowledge Transfer Network has compiled a report examining the issues and opportunities which you can read here.
Agricultural Engineering: a key discipline enabling agriculture to deliver food security (PDF Download)
The global food security challenges are highlighted by the UK Government's Foresight Report: The Future of Food and Farming. From robotic systems to real time image and soil analysis, this report illustrates the potential contribution that agricultural and biosystems engineering can provide to advances in productivity and sustainability.
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Agricultural technology to feed the world
14 October 2013
With a growing population demanding more food, and an agricultural community constrained by lack of land and water while battling demands for greater sustainability, the challenge of feeding the world is falling at the feet of engineers.
Biomass plants do 'not threaten' food production
29 May 2013
The possible conflicts over land-use with food production needs should not prevent the Government from further exploring the possibilities of biomass power generation, says a new policy statement from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

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