Award winning UK 3D printer

There are many people that believe 3D printing is not ready for the mass-consumer market and that it is just too difficult to use. Chris and the team at CEL set out to solve this issue by designing out all of the current problems with domestic 3D printers from the ground up. Believing that the technology has not yet reached the hands of those that matter – the small start-ups, artists, architects, hackers/makers and especially students and children, CEL have attempted to make Robox® accessible to all by simplifying the process of printing to a few clicks and making an affordable product safe for the whole family to use. Self-levelling, self-calibrating and auto-load are just some of the innovations that could make that a reality and gained the Robox recognition at CES 2014 where Chris and the team at CEL won the Editor’s Choice Award.
Head of the Design and Production Sector, Gordon Attenborough and the IET.TV team visited their headquarters near Bristol to meet Chris and see first hand what sets Robox® apart. Examining the technology and watching the device perform, they also discuss how Robox® has been designed to be a future proof UK innovation set to become a micro manufacturing platform for your home and not just a 3D printer.
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