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Tribology is the technology of physical interfaces in relative motion



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Bringing Tribology to life The science and engineering of friction, wear and lubrication – collectively known as Tribology – is fundamental to energy production, manufacturing, transport, healthcare and many other industries.   Tribology can be applied wherever there are mechanical interfaces in relative motion and there is a desire to ... read more...
Posted by Natalie Sullivan on IET Tribology Network Jun 20, 2014 4:35 BST

Featured tribology media

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IET Technical visit to the Tribology research group at Imperial
College, London

Speaker: Professor Hugh Spikes
14 December 2010

2010-12-14 | Power Channel

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The Scale of Tribology and Associated Cost Savings

Speaker: Robert Wood
26 November 2012

2012-11-26 | Power Channel

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Tribological Application in China and Green Tribology

Speaker: Professor Si-wei ZHANG, China University of Petroleum,
Chairman, Advisory Board of Chinese Tribology Institute
6 September 2009

2009-09-06 | Power Channel

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The importance of tribology

10 June 2009

As part of his 88th birthday celebrations, the Duke of Edinburgh presented the Tribology Gold Medal at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Dr Colin Brown, director of engineering at the institution, defines tribology and explains what the prize is awarded for.

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Community Information

Tribology is the science and technology of interactive surfaces in relative motion. It incorporates various scientific and technological disciplines such as surface chemistry, fluid mechanics, materials, lubricants, contact mechanics, bearings, and lubrication systems. It is customarily divided into three branches: friction, lubrication, and wear.

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The IET Tribology Network is a partner organisation in UK Tribology. UK Tribology is a multi-institution collaboration designed to raise awareness of the subject and application of tribology; the study of interacting surfaces in relative motion or, in layman's terms: friction, wear and lubrication.


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Tribology overview
Tribology is the science and technology of interactive surfaces in relative motion.  An overview of the field of tribology can be found here.

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Technical visits deliver delegates a unique opportunity to visit a facility or site of interest that is often closed to the general public.