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All Energy 2014
If you’re planning to attend All Energy on 21-22 May, why not come along to the IET’s conference session to hear from members of the Power Networks Joint Vision (PNJV) expert group.


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The Draft for Public Comment stage for the IET Code of Practice for Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems is now open, and the closing date for receipt of comments is Friday, 7th November 2014. The draft document and the comments form for feedback can be found online . Please send completed feedback forms back to Ian Borthwick at the IET. [NB:... read more...
Posted by Gemma Hadley on IET Power Systems and Equipment Network Oct 22, 2014 3:01 GMT
The KTN and IET Forum: Direct Current Energy Systems 22 May 2014, London The KTN and IET are supporting a one day event on 22 May 2014 which will look at the landscape of Direct Current (DC) energy systems, the challenges they present to engineers, technicians and building managers alike, and the opportunities for wider application and user adoption... read more...
Posted by Gemma Hadley on IET Power Systems and Equipment Network May 12, 2014 9:21 GMT

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A community for all those with an active interest in power systems and equipment. It will be relevant to those involved with the design and operation of generation, transmission and distribution systems including the associated protection and control equipment.

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