All Energy 2014
If you’re planning to attend All Energy on 21-22 May, why not come along to the IET’s conference session to hear from members of the Power Networks Joint Vision (PNJV) expert group.

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Outgoing Chair Message
End of session round up from the PGCU Outgoing Chair, Steve Warland,

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The KTN and IET Forum: Direct Current Energy Systems 22 May 2014, London   The KTN and IET are supporting a one day event on 22 May 2014 which will look at the landscape of Direct Current (DC) energy systems, the challenges they present to engineers, technicians and building managers alike, and the opportunities for wider application and user ... read more...
Everybody loves free stuff, right? The IET are granting all their members a free knowledge pack every year which enables you to download journals, conference articles and eBook chapters at no cost. The pack will incorporate a collection of five credits which will allow five free downloads from over 400 eBooks, over 1,300 conference publications and ... read more...

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You may be interested in an upcoming event taking place on the 8th July in Dartford. Connecting New Nuclear - Challenges and Opportunities of the UK’s Nuclear Investment will outline the key technical, commercial and logistical issues associated with the connection of the UK’s new nuclear generation and will outline the opportunity being presented to the UK’s electrical supply industry.

More information can be found here.
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This Network covers a wide area of the power sector focusing on technologies in electricity generation, power electronic devices and systems, machines and drives, industrial and commercial power applications and electrical safety and integrity.

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Renewable Machines and Power Electronics
With increasing demand for energy from renewable sources this timely seminar is one half of a series looking at recent developments in electrical machines and power electronics.

Electrical Safety Management
This seminar was about creating a strong electrical safety culture to avoid accidents. Visit the page to learn more.

Airfield Engineering
Learn more about Airfield Engineering and view recent presentations which discuss the topic and the introduction of LED Technology.


View the presentations from the IET's sessions at All-Energy which span a range of topics from hydropower to smart grids and much more.  

Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

Get an introduction to Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, one of the world’s foremost fusion research centres.  

Making Rare Earth Magnets Rarer

View presentations which discuss the approaches to minimising rare earth magnet usage.  

Visit to the National Grid Control Centre

On the 24 May 2012 National Grid welcomed the IET PGCU network to their National Control Centre.

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