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Welcome to the IET Healthcare Technology online community.

This is a free to join technical community which brings together professionals either working or interested in biomedical engineering, including traditional engineering and technological disciplines, clinicians and healthcare professionals to exchange knowledge and develop ideas in this technical field.

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The latest newsletter provides information about a number of high quality events that the Healthcare Technologies Network is either organising or supporting in the coming months.   Please see the HTN MyCommunity page for reports on recent events that have been organised or sponsored by the HTN, including Dr Michael Taylor’s invited talk at ... read more...
Posted by Gemma Hadley on IET Healthcare Technologies Network Feb 19, 2015 3:44 GMT

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Wearable Technology at CES

On the 7th and 8th January, Futuresource analysts hosted a free webinar series from International CES 2015. Discussing all the hot tech trends, underpinned by Futuresource forecasts and industry insights.

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  • Posted Thu 12 Feb 2015 12:23 GMT

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This Network strives to support biomedical engineers by providing a platform for the community to exchange knowledge and engage in online and offline networking opportunities.

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Daniel Abasolo

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Healthcare Technologies events


IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference 2013, Osaka, Japan
For the first time, the IET ran a session at the world's largest biomedical engineering conference, with the aim of bringing together some of the latest work on mhealth technologies.

7th UK and RI Postgraduate Conference in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics (PGBiomed 2013)
This event focussed on some of the rapid developments made in the field, covering Medical Imaging, Radiotherapy, Movement Analysis, Tissue Engineering, Biomedical Signal Processing and Dielectrophoresis.

IET Healthcare Technologies Awards
The network presents annual prizes through a number of awards. Details, including eligibility criteria, are available here.

Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for Developing Countries (AHT)
View a selection of resources developed to support the series of biennial seminars/conferences on Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for Developing Countries.