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If you are working in design, implementation, construction, development, analysis, and have an understanding of control systems, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us.

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Don't miss our planned event on Autonomous Vehicles that will take place on 18th June in Paris.   We are collaborating with GDR Robotique and have an excellent day's programme planned.     

Have you seen the IET's report on Autonomous Vehicles: A thought leadership review of how the UK can achieve a fully autonomous future?   You can download here 

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Yesterday, we had the A One Day Symposium-Colloquium on Control & Automation Education. Exploring Automatic Control Education in Academia and Industry. Wednesday, 05th of March 2014, 08:00 AM. - 17:00 PM., Auditorium (47). Administration Building, Sukhair Campus. The number of participates crossed 90 registered participates. It was such a successful event that reflected itself to the main theme of the Colloquium. We have uploaded some the event photos for a reference.
  • Posted Thu 06 Mar 2014 06:58 GMT

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This community has been established to represent all those with an active interest in Automation and Control. It will be relevant to those involved with the design, implementation, construction, development, analysis and understanding of control systems.

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