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EVs and their Appetite for Power
If you didn't manage to attend the event in Milton Keynes you can now
view content from this activity on our IET.tv channel.  Click here for further information on the event and links to the presentations.

Isle of Man TT Zero Races

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The IET ARTS TPN organise a programme of engineering activities covering Automotive & Road Transport Systems.   All of these events and activities are made possible by the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers. If you would like to know more about our committees, or would like to be a volunteer for us, please get in touch with any of the committee... read more...

Automotive and Road Transport Systems Events

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The EVECTOORC dissemination event will take place on the 28th August at the Heritage Centre, Warwickshire. See the events section of this area for details.
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ARTS Resources

Electric Vehicles
Look through a selection of videos and presentations on the development of electric vehicles and the IET's involvement in this key area.

Automotive and road transport resources
Resources about the automotive and road infrastructure, with a focus on the use of technologies, to improve the performance and safety of the road network.

Turning Transport Data into Useful Information
This page contains a number of resources relating to a seminar held in London on 2 October 2012, which was organised by the Automotive & Road Transport Systems TPN.

ARTS Committee

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Community Relationship Manager

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