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The IET Safety Community is the successor to the IET's Functional Safety Professional Network.  It has been set up to support activities that improve the development and assurance of safe systems, and to draw together professionals working in functional and systems safety.
Sacred Cows - Challenging Fundamental Safety Principles

About this event

Most of the UK transport systems are operating at or above capacity, what has been done to increase capacity has already been done, for example longer trains, managed motorways and efficient air traffic control on the air corridors around the UK. However, we still need more! This evening seminar will look at whether we would now start challenging what we could call "Fundamental Safety Principles" in these three industries. Can we operate trains, cars and planes at closer headways if we take a very hard look at some of these tablets of stone? Do we have to increase the risk of an accident (will we be allowed to) if even by a small margin in order increase the throughout (and thus reduce other risks e.g. overcrowding etc.) I am sure there will be good arguments for and against!

The keynote speech will be given by Professor John McDermid of the University of York, followed by three short papers from the Automotive (Phil Blythe, University of York, Railway (Daniel Woodland, LRR) and Aerospace (Simon Brown NATS) Sectors, there will then be a 30 minute discussion/debate.

This will be followed by a networking reception, kindly sponsored by Thales.

I am hoping that the output from this seminar will stimulate more detailed papers in each of these three technical networks which will be delivered later in 2015.

Anybody who is working in these industries and is interested in how we can increase the capacity even further by challenging these fundamental principles should attend and please contribute during the debate. This evening will only be a good as you want to make it!

For further information and to register for this event please click here

Tuesday 12 May 2015 5:30 pm, London


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Don't forget to submit your abstracts for this year's System Safety and Cyber Secuirty Conference by Friday 24th April. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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The Safety Community supports activities that improve the development and assurance of safe systems.

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