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IET Scotland Annual Dinner 2014

Friday 4th April 2014
Radisson Blu, Argyll Street, Glasgow
19.00 start

Join guests from industry and academia for this prestigious black tie event in the striking Radisson Blu in Glasgow City centre. The Annual Dinner is a must attend networking event in Scotland's engineering and technology calendar with great food, company and entertainment.

Cost - £45 per ticket
Tables of up to 12 people

Booking form


Blog Posts
Keep an eye on our Blog posts for presentations, video footage, write ups and much more from our IET events.
An opportunity has arisen for Engineers to support the
Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award –
This is a perfect chance for pupils to discover
historic and modern engineering in Scotland.
They will have the opportunity to meet and
interview practicing engineers.

If any IET Member is interested in being involved they should contact susan.loxley@leadersaward.com.
More information about this award and training session can be found on the two flyers uploaded in the files area of this site.
Ron McMurtrie,
IET Scotland Schools Liaison Officer.

Most Recent Blog Posts

http://www.engineeringhalloffame.org/ The Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame is now active and has several inductees. It is hoped that this excellent resource will prove not only useful as an educational tool for school children and other learners but will also prove a dynamic cultural resource for the Engineering Community in Scotland and... read more...
Posted by Lynsay Callaghan on IET Scotland Feb 21, 2014 10:51 GMT
Welcome to the first IET Scotland Manufacturing e-Newsletter . This reviews the technical visits from 2012-13 and highlights the first visit for 2013-14.   Issue 1: September 2013 The newsletter is intended as short update complied by the IET Scotland Manufacturing TN that summarises our events in each session and highlights upcoming events. ... read more...
Posted by Lynsay Callaghan on IET Scotland Feb 21, 2014 10:43 GMT

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When are the regional or university (for Edinburgh University) rounds of the Present Around The World competition normally held?
  • Posted Thu 16 Jan 2014 09:47 GMT
The Scotland South East PATW is being held on 25th March 2014. The best page to view for informatoin on the South East is www.theiet.org/scotlandsoutheast
  • Posted Fri 21 Feb 2014 09:58 GMT
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