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Some local networks (LNs) have difficulty recruiting committee members or realising a sensible length of term for officers of the committee. This is an attempt to gather some suggestions and best practice to assist LNs. Download the attached pdf to read more. This is the first instalment in the 'For volunteers, by volunteers - good practice... read more...
Posted by Richard Furey on Volunteer Support Jul 23, 2014 2:23 GMT
The CC-UK (a volunteer committee that provides support to UK based LN’s) are currently producing a number of good practice guides to assist LNs. These are written by volunteers, gathering a range of approaches across LNs, with a view to sharing this knowledge. As such they are intended as ideas/suggestions, rather than must do’s. They... read more...
Posted by Richard Furey on Volunteer Support Jul 23, 2014 11:40 GMT

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A week in the life of a volunteer started last week with http://www.maths.liv.ac.uk/lms/funmaths/ The Fun Maths Road Show at Kyle Academy helping 140 pupils enjoy maths for an hour or so.
After that a drive to Gairloch High School for Lab in a Lorry http://www.labinalorry.org.uk/
where about 100 pupils were given the chance of physics experiments. Thursday and Friday were in Sky again with Lab in a Lorry and 200 secondary pupils experimented with physics. Saturday helped out with music and lighting at the Chloe Hume Foundation Talent Show
http://www.thechloehumefoundation.org.uk/. 18 Talented acts performed to a packed house. A varied but rewarding week.
  • Posted Sun 15 Jun 2014 08:40 GMT

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