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The Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC) oversee the governance of all IET Communities. You can keep up to date with developments and communicate directly with the CRC via their own blog - Crazy about Communities

Communities Volunteer Briefings:
You can also take a look at the IET Volunteer Gateway to find resources for existing volunteers.

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The Professional Development team have informed us that they are looking for more professionally registered members to sign up as IET Mentors. I’m sure you will at least be aware of the concept of mentoring, but here is a brief description of the service within the context of the IET: The IET mentoring service helps members to find trained mentors ... read more...
Posted by Aaron Thiele on Volunteer Support Mar 23, 2015 10:11 GMT
Last year we communicated the IET Awards and Scholarships to you, primarily focussing on the Paul Fletcher Award which recognises the outstanding achievements of YP volunteers. Your efforts in helping us to encourage nominations made a big difference and were greatly appreciated by the Marketing Campaign Manager, as expressed in this discussion ... read more...
Posted by Aaron Thiele on Volunteer Support Mar 19, 2015 10:00 GMT

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My second #IET Council meeting - a very personal view. See it here http://youtu.be/PfOqb2swAOs
  • Posted Mon 02 Mar 2015 02:38 GMT

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