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Below you will find a number of links to the RF & Microwaves Network’s resources across the IET’s website; Microwave Heating This highly successful event consisted of short presentations and provided a great opportunity to young engineers to showcase their work. Passive RF and Microwave Components View top presentations and ... read more...
Posted by Robert Allen on IET RF & Microwave Technology Network Mar 19, 2015 4:25 PM GMT

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Looking forward to the E&T webinar on the Trike sunset date. People can register for this free webinar (in association with 3M) at
  • Posted Mon 29 Jun 2015 04:03 PM BST

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This network covers science, technology and applications operating at frequencies ranging from Gigahertz through to Terahertz. Our aim is to bring together existing and future professionals working in this area of the electromagnetic spectrum. To achieve this we hold informal seminars and workshops for both industry and academia, highlighting state-of-the-art technologies in new and emerging areas. So far our chosen areas of application have ranged from meta-materials, medicine, passive imaging for Earth science and security, along with high power sources for material processing!

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