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The One9 building, a 9-floor apartment building was recently built in Melbourne, Australia in just five days. This was possible because the parts needed to construct the One9 building were manufactured off site, though the builders aren’t really calling it modular, since none of the modules are standard or fixed. The One9 apartment is... read more...
Posted by Zoe Squires on IET Built Environment Sector Jul 25, 2014 12:25 GMT
The days of ‘self- contained’ business are over. Virtually all organisations, from start-ups to multi-nationals now rely on a complex and interconnected web of suppliers, services, consultants, energy providers, distributors and many more simply to do business. This ‘extended enterprise’ gives you efficiencies of... read more...
Posted by Zoe Squires on IET Built Environment Sector Jul 25, 2014 10:40 GMT

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  • Posted Fri 11 Jul 2014 08:00 GMT

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Tackling the global engineering challenges of tomorrow’s urban environment, the Built Environment Sector focuses on hot topics relating to designing, building and maintaining buildings and the wider built environment.  Current themes include; connected buildings, efficient energy building management systems, risk resilience of the built environment and Building Information Modelling.

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Infrastructure Risk and Resilience
IET publications, industry insights and speaker presentations on addressing infrastructure risk and resilience.

Energy Storage
Energy Storage has a part to play in redressing the balance between power demand and power supply.  This resource page offers useful links on developments in this technology.

Lifts, escalator and horizontal walkways
The partnership between the IET and the CIBSE Lifts Group has produced a wealth of insights in this area.

Building Energy Efficiency
Webcasts and industry interviews from Building Energy Efficiency professionals, as well as a perspective from tomorrow’s engineers in Europe.

Data Centre Design
Data Centre Design are notorious power consuming installations. Find out how they are now being designed with Energy Efficiency in mind.

Community Scale Thinking
Power generated within the community and the utilisation of the heat for the community that surrounds the power source.  Not a new idea but more schemes are beginning to be commissioned, including the Olympic Park.  Why now?

Building Information Modelling (BIM)
BIM is fast becoming an accepted process on many projects.  This page of webcasts outlines from industry experts what exactly this means for practitioners and where is this mindset taking us.