The technology Strategy Board will soon be launching a £4.75M competition as part of the High Value Manufacturing - Electronics Programme. Its main scope will be, accelerating innovation and growth in electronics manufacturing through technologies to enhance functionality, reduce size, reduce cost, adapt form and/or enable rapid scale-up. Lead technologist Andy Sellars is inviting feedback on the themes and scope in a survey  - which we encourage you to take part in.

Dr Ronaldo Ronaldo -  The newly elected Chair of the IET Manufacturing Technical Professional Network, highlights the key role IET networks have to play and announces an invitation for new applicants to join this prestigious committee.
"It is reassuring to see that manufacturing continues to make positive headlines in the recent months - not only in the UK but across the globe. From the new product development to packaging and distribution, engineers play a big role in manufacturing and contribute enormously to the economy. Economic contribution whilst important, I would argue, is a by-product of manufacturing activities. Throughout decades we have seen how manufacturing has realised many of human aspirations; producing more affordable transports through lean manufacturing, micro-fabrication techniques enabling the creation of integrated circuits and sensors, realisation of complex designs through additive manufacturing, just to name a few.
So what's next for manufacturing? I believe this sector will grow steadily and we will continue to see the cycle of shoring and re-shoring. Low cost advantage is a temporary state and we are seeing more manufacturing activities being set-up closer to customers. Furthermore, in creating values for rapidly changing customers demand, supply chains are being restructured and becoming more integrated & closely knitted clusters. The push mentality has becoming the past, and the new era dictates the need of seamless multi-directional value streams.
Therefore the need to radically engineer improvements, by applying new and more sustainable technologies and methodologies, are becoming more important than ever before. As much as company director needs to understand demand to make sound judgement, every engineer needs to continue updating their knowledge and learn best practices from every corner of the world. This is where the Manufacturing TPN, in collaboration with other TPNs and Local Networks, Design and Production Sector, and other entities, comes into play by facilitating knowledge exchange through a variety of activities.
I would like to conclude by saying that there is a good vibe of being an engineer today - credit to IET staff & volunteers and otherwise, who are continuously raising the profile of engineers. The previous Chairman, Lee Wood CEng has done a tremendous work for the Manufacturing TPN and is still volunteering within the other part of the IET. But we know we can achieve more, so if you would like to drive this sector forward, by using your expertise and influence, I am pleased to say that we have a number executive vacancies."

Dr Ronaldo Ronaldo BEng BBus MSc MIoD MIET Chair of The Manufacturing TPN. 

More details of these positions are available on MyCommunity and if you are enthusiastic on shaping the Network, or would like to discuss the opportunity further, please just get in touch at or via Joanne Longton Community Relationship Manager.

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How Will System-Level Modelling Help RoboThespian Walk?

4th December 2013 | 2pm GMT

Join this webinar to hear how the developers of RoboThespian, are using system-level modelling to tackle the complex challenges inherent in developing a full-sized, dynamic humanoid robot. Plus how you can apply these techniques to your mechatronic and multidomain design problems. Tune in from your desktop or mobile device.

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Modelling of Capacitive and Resistive Devices - what are your challenges?

Designing modern electronic devices requires a thorough understanding of the behaviour of electric fields, current and charge in dielectrics and conductive media. For instance electronic devices are generally susceptible to heating due to resistive and dielectric losses.

This webinar will explore the design benefits of a multiphysics approach to modelling this behaviour within capacitive and resistive devices including resistors, capacitors, insulation layers, electrostatic actuators, and resistive and capacitive sensors.

Learn best practices for modelling common multiphysics effects such as cooling air flow, thermal expansion, and Joule heating, in addition to the electromechanical couplings often observed in sensors and actuators.

If you have questions on this topic, or want to share your experiences in multiphysics simulation join the webinar on the 2nd April

View the webinar programme here:
  • Posted Wed 05 Mar 2014 03:14 GMT

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