Summer 2014 update

As of August 2014, the project continues well. Over the summer, major structural works have been completed to allow the build of the new lecture theatre at second floor level.

The building is now protected behind scaffolding and a waterproof covering, allowing the construction team to commence repairs to the brickwork and stonework on the facades. The existing windows are being replaced throughout, and the installation of new windows has commenced on the east facade. Internally, the new passenger lift shafts are under construction, and the majority of demolition work is coming to an end.

During the autumn the project will move into its second phase. This sees the first fix of the mechanical and electrical systems and the modernisation of the internal rooms to provide the new design layouts.

Find out more in the project web area.

Temporary home at One Birdcage Walk

The home of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, One Birdcage Walk, will be our temporary London home during the refurbishment project.

Find out more in the project web area.

Share with the Community...

Hi everyone. We need your suggestions for two new exhibitions that are being planned for Savoy Place. Please visit our project web area for all the details: http://www.theiet.org/about/locations/savoy-place-upgrade/exhibitions.cfm
  • Posted Mon 08 Sep 2014 02:20 BST

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