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Proposal to remove the programme of study for ICT from the National Curriculum
Submitted on 11 April 2012 to Department for Education
Cloud computing: the security challenge (part 3)
An introduction to the security challenges for cloud computing.



The IET 5G Radio Technology Seminar - 17 March 2015, Hallam Conference Center, London, UK
5G technology promises to be the next major phase of mobile telecommunications standards designed to support Internet of Things, M2M communications and smart sensors. The industry and consumers expect big changes but 5G is not universally agreed in many areas. This IET seminar aims to bring together wireless industry and academia R&D leaders to debate the future of 5G with a special focus on the challenges in 5G radio technology. The list of speakers includes Ofcom, 5G Innovation Center, EE, Huawei and Samsung Electronics R&D Institute UK.
Chaired by William Webb, CEO Weightless SIG and IET President, the seminar will feature a series of high-profile technical presentations providing both UK and international perspective on the 5G spectrum, standards and air interface. In addition to invited talks the day has been designed to be a forum for sharing the latest thinking around 5G radio technology. You can contribute to the programme by telling us about your latest research, development or case study application relevant to 5G radio technology. Registration and the call for contributions is now open. See event website www.theiet.org/5g for more information.

Information Security Breaches Survey 2015 

The Government is working to make the UK one of the safest places in the world to do business. As part of this we recognise the importance of obtaining reliable data about information and cyber security breaches and practices.  This information will be publicly available so all businesses can benefit from it.  This survey has been conducted by PwC on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills for over a decade and is fundamental in understanding the nature and impact of information security breaches in the UK and the trends that develop year on year.  To take part in the survey follow this link.


The IET hosts international Prestige Lecture on Internet of Things

The IET hosted its annual IET Pinkerton lecture at GE John F Welch Technology Centre, Bangalore on December 4th. The lecture topic was on the evolving phenomenon of Internet of Things and was delivered by Jim Morrish, Founder and Chief Research Officer, Machina Research, UK. Jim spoke on “Internet of Things – The Connected Future.”

During the lecture, Jim Morrish provided a comprehensive overview of the emerging trends in IoT – tracing its evolution from M2M to Subnets of Things and finally emerging as Internet of Things (IoT). He discussed the driving forces behind the anticipated 38billion connected devices worldwide by 2023, 1.9 billion of which will be in India and 600mn of which will be M2M connections in India. While talking about the tremendous benefits and opportunities, Jim also laid bare the risks and challenges of IoT and the importance of ensuring that they were addressed.  The speaker also spoke of the opportunities for India in the areas of Smart Cities, Electric Vehicles (EVs), Irrigation, Telemedicine, Power Distribution and Smart Metering, Assisted Living etc., where IoT could play a significant role in connectivity, efficiency and cost savings.


The CW Prestigious Lecture Series in association with the IET - 'Thought Leaders in Wireless - 11 Feb 2015

This exclusive evening will commence with an insightful lecture, chaired by Professor William Webb, IET President.  Aidan Quilligan, Global Managing Director at Accenture Industrial Software Solutions (AISS) as the evening's speaker. Aidan will talk to the topic, ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution - when Digital Technology meets the Shop Floor’, addressing technology that over the last three centuries, has revolutionised both the way companies run their businesses, and the way they interact with their customers.  Click here to register.

(When registering, IET members should tick the non-member and invited guest options and in the box write their IET reference numbers.)


Business case for IPv6 – 1st UK IPv6 Council public webinar

Justifying an IPv6 rollout in an organisation can be easy for some and more challenging for others.
This webinar will present business drivers that different organisations have used to support IPv6 projects. The session will include a round-table discussion with UK IPv6 Council board members to share their own experience. The members represent UK and worldwide ISPs, large enterprises and academic organizations.

Presentations from the day are now available here and videos are avaialble here.

For more information visit the website.

Connecting Data 

The IET and Royal Academy of Engineering have teamed up to offer six separate workshops over the coming months.More details on this will follow and there will be opportunities to sign up and get involved.

These workshops will helps us identify the UK’s key strengths and weaknesses in terms of connectivity; how industry will harness the benefits of 5G, along with identifying barriers to optimising the use of this technology when it is eventually implemented. 

Cyber Security Steering Alliance (CSSA)

The CSSA proposed to collaborate in establishing a scheme to encourage Industry to sponsor MSc students in cyber security, leading to the creation of a legal framework involving different stakeholders.  This proposal brought the right people around the table and it wa discussed that we should look to the future to identify skills beyond 2015.  More details to follow in due  course.

RTS London Conference 2014: 'Power, Politics and the Media'.  On 9th September 2014, the Royal Television Society's London Conference returns with some of television's biggest names to tackle some of industry's toughest questions.
With Keynote speakers including Chase Carey, President and COO of 21st Century Fox, JB Perrette, President, Discovery Networks International and The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, the event will be influential in the growing debate around the evolving nature of media.

To find out more and register visit the website here.

At the DTG Summit 2014, Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, presented the conclusion of an 18-month collaborative industry project.  The Future of Innovation in Television Technology (FITT) task-force aims to clarify a number of important issues, opportunities and challenges facing the UK television industry. The report can be downloaded here.

Over the past 10 years the main benchmark for broadband networks has been ever faster data download speeds. In the future this is not sustainable, particularly for wireless networks.  The IET has proposed a new approach which it calls Demand Attentive Networks (DAN). It offers better performing networks at a lower level of investment.  Find out more here and watch a video showcasing this document.

At the RTS/IET Joint Public Lecture, Dr Michael Lynch talked about creative opportunities for content creators that allow people to interact with 3D images by using machine recognition technology such as the Google Glass,  a Samsung wearable watch and a state-of-the-art iPhone.  IET.tv were on hand to film this lecture and this will be made available shortly.

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