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Welcome to the IET Young Professionals Community!
Don't forget to go to the discussion forums and introduce yourself - it would be great to know who you are, what you do, how you found your way to the YP Community and what you expect to gain from being here!

We all know free time is in short supply so lets make the most of the time we spend on MyCommunity! 


Hi everyone. The Present Around The World is happening in Gauteng! Anyone interested in presenting or helping out in anyway please feel free to email either him, Faith or me ( . We're at advance stages and date, time and official venue will be announced soon.

Get your presentations ready and do send us through the synopsis as soon as you can. We're eager to get this event done successfully and your being part of it will definitely make it worth while!
  • Posted Fri 28 Mar 2014 06:35 GMT

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Young Professionals
The IET Young Professionals Community is a community for all Young Professionals throughout the globe. 

Feel free to use the community as you see fit, add topics to the discussion forums, engage and share you experiences within the IET and from your work.

You can also visit the Young Professionals section of the website and the IET YP 250 blog and Facebook page too!

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