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Our Next Event

Wednesday 12th November 2014

Afternoon Visit to

ScottishPower’s Dewar Place Grid Substation, Edinburgh

This is the site of the first Edinburgh power station commissioned in 1895. A complete rebuild has recently been completed, making it into a very modern Grid Substation.
During the visit the history aspect will be briefly covered.

It is hoped to arrange a pub lunch in the area before the visit for those interested.

If you want to go REGISTER now.

More information HERE

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Your committee of nine retired IET members has arranged a programme of lectures and visits which will be shown on these pages and which we hope will be of interest to all members and friends.  We look forward to welcoming you at these events. Do look out for the Monthly Newsletter which provides more details and a summary of lectures and visits.

Scotland South East Retired Members Committee

David Dick

Nigel Shepherd
Senior Vice Chairman

Frank Sharp
Junior Vice Chairman

James Prettyman
Past Chairman

Ian Currier

John Russell

Frank McCall
Programme Secretary

Walter Thomson

John O'Connor

Carlena Probert-Baulch
Community Relationship Manager