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Good article @SaverioLosito: The PMO - What's the Right Level of Authority? What sort of PMO does your co. need-what authority should it have?
  • Posted Mon 02 Dec 2013 10:02 GMT

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The Project Controls Network is a collaboration between the IET and the ACostE. The purpose of the network is to advance the knowledge and understanding of Project Control.

Resource Pages

Does effective stakeholder management avoid project disasters?
See how complex and unique situations have been reviewed and analysed using the straight forward principals of a senior project manager.

Lessons Learned
Lessons Learned is a formidable tool in Project Management and Controls yet they are not being used effectively and are often seen as an “after thought” following the completion of a project.

Risk Management
The IET/ACostE Project Control Network delivered a webcast on 20 May 2011 which focused on the successful implementation of risk management.

Terry Bishop Award 2011
Learn more about the IET/ACostE Project Control Award and view presentations of the 2011 submissions.

Value Improving Practices
Value Improving Practices (VIPs) are practices which create the most value in a Project, as their creative and innovative potential is very high.

How to be recognised as a Project Controls professional
If you are an engineer working in the area of Project Controls, Cost Engineering, Estimating, Planning or Commercial Support and want to take your career to the next level, this webinar outlines the options and what steps to take.

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