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Mick Ross has written a review on the recent Biometrics lecture given by Harin Sellahewa, read it here.

L-R Jamie Price (Award winner), Ralph Watson (IET P&HN), Masoud Hakimi (Huntingdon Regional College) at the award ceremony for excellence in HNC Engineering  at Huntingdon Regional College 1 July 2013.

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Everybody loves free stuff, right? The IET are granting all their members a free knowledge pack every year which enables you to download journals, conference articles and eBook chapters at no cost. The pack will incorporate a collection of five credits which will allow five free downloads from over 400 eBooks, over 1,300 conference publications and... read more...
Posted by Julie Hudson on IET Peterborough and Huntingdon Network Feb 18, 2014 11:00 GMT

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The Peterborough and Huntingdon Network organises lectures, visits and other activities for the benefit of local engineers, technicians and the general public.

We also work with the Peterborough Joint Panel (PJP) and the Peterborough Young Engineers (PYE) to organise a programme of activity. These are joint groups between the IET and other engineering institutions.

We are also linked with the Greater Peterborough Professional Bodies Group (GPPBG) which is made up of engineering institutions and other professional bodies in the local area. For further information, go to the GPPBG website.


Pboro & Hunt Committee

Laurie York
Raymond Williams
Ralph Watson
Treasurer & PJP Chairman

Alan Scott
Mentoring Coordinator

Judith Farman
School liason
Ralph Hurrell
Past Chairman

Moshin Dharas
Community online administrator and Public Relations representative
David Houssein
IET Community Relationship Manager

Grant Creasey
Committee member
John Williams
Committee member

Michael Ross
Events Co-ordinator

Fred Davis
Regional Chairman