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Please conider joining us for an IEEE lecture on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Healthcare and Medicine by Dr Bijan Raheemi at Algonquin College on Wednesday, 30 April.  More information can be found here.

Click here for the IET Ottawa Newsletter  - Spring 2014

Highlights include:
  • Present Around the World competitions in 2013 and 3 May 2014
  • Messages from Editor Colin Billowes and Chairman David Mann
  • Heaviside medal awarded to Canadian astronaut Chris Hatfield
  • Dr Stanley Hamstra presentation at 2013 AGM
  • The strategy for IET Americas region
  • Report on Council from Edwin Morton
  • Agreement between IET Ottawa and PEO Ottawa Chapter
  • National Science and Technology Week 2013
  • Dr Habash presentation on promoting sustainability in engineering
  • IET Ottawa Cricket Match
  • IET Ottawa on Twitter
The IET Americas Newsletter can be found here.

Amish participated at the recent Americas Regional Finals of the Present Around the World competion.  His presentation was entitled, "ANew Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES) Architecture”.  Amish received his B.Sc and M.A.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering from Queen’s University and he currently works at Ciena Inc.  Many of the spectators commented on the high level of the PATW presentations this year.  

Edwin Morton was a delegate from the Ottawa Network at the Volunteers Conference held the same weekend. He served as a panelist on the discussion on how the IET can work with other technical organizations.

A million thanks to Sue Leclerc, our volunteer photographer for the weekend.  

MOU between Ottawa Chapter of PEO and IET Ottawa Network

Winter 2013 Newsletter
  • Informal agreement between IET Ottawa Network and PEO Ottawa Chapter
  • Engineering Student Papers Competition at Queens University
  • National Engineering Month 2013
  • PATW at Carleton University
  • Report on a program on Energy Efficiency and Data Security held at Carleton

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I know that Ottawa's event "Securing the Edge" is taking place today - hope it is going well and wish I was there.
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