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Welcome to the Future Energy community. This is a new virtual community that will develop based on the needs of its members.

Terms of reference are being developed collaboratively by community members.

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There was very little activity in this community last year and none so far this year. I would like to apply to become an administrator and make the community much more active across the UK as a whole, not just Manchester.

The areas of particular interest are in regards to Future Energy are:
Generation IV Nuclear Fission Reactors - Particularly Molten Salt Reactors
Fusion Reactors
Home Micro-Generation Technologies (e.g. Fuel Cells, Stirling Engines)
Solar Power (PV and Thermal)
Tidal Power (Stream and Range)
  • Posted Sun 08 Mar 2015 02:40 PM GMT

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An online community to discuss and debate the topic of Future Energy.

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