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Professor Stuart Wenham (photo)The IET A F Harvey Prize 2013

Australia's world-leading efforts to drive down the cost of solar energy have been recognised with an Australia-based researcher taking out the engineering equivalent of the Oscars.

Professor Stuart Wenham and his team at the University of NSW won this year's A F Harvey Engineering Research Prize.  Professor Wenham will be presenting at this year's A F Harvey Prize Lecture on 21 May 2014 at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK.

Upcoming events:

2014-07-18"Cochlear site visit" by Irene Tsimos
[10-12pm, Cochlear Ltd, 1 Univeristy Avenue, Macquarie University]
You can view the event details here and register for event here.

2014-08-04: "ResMed Internship Seminar & Manufacturing Tour"
[10am-1:30pm, ResMed, 1 Elizabeth Macarthur Drive, Bella Vista, NSW]
You can view the details and register for the event here.

2014-08-04: "Harricks Address" sponsored by IET
[5:30pm-8:00pm, AGL TheatreMuseum of Sydney, Sydney, NSW]
You can view the details and register for the event here.

2014-08-08: "RØDE Microphones Site Tour"
[10-12pm, RØDE Microphone, 107 Carnarvon Silverwater, NSW]
You can view the details and register for the event here.

2014-08-14: "Cardiovascular modelling and arterial blood pressure"
2014-09-11: "Underwater communications"

Past events:

2014-02-13: "Outsmarting Crooks, Is It Engineering?" by Rohit Narayan
[6pm, EA Auditorium, Ground Floor, 8 Thomas Street, Chatswood]

2014-02-26: University of Sydney O-Week Promotion Day 1 by NSW YPs
[10am-4pm, USYD MUGS Stall, University of Sydney (Darlington Campus)]

2014-02-27: University of Sydney O-Week Promotion Day 2 by NSW YPs
[10am-4pm, USYD MUGS Stall, University of Sydney (Darlington Campus)]

2014-03-11: RedStar Resume Webinar by Gavin Redelman
[12pm-1pm, Mechanical Engineering Lecture Theatre, University of Sydney]
Join the event discussion forum by clicking here.

2014-03-13: "Challenges of a Growing Photovoltaic Industry" by Ted Spooner
[5:30pm for 6pm start, EA Auditorium, Ground Floor, 8 Thomas Street, Chatswood]

2014-03-27: "UPS Systems for Mission Critical Facilities" by Michael Mallia
[5:30pm for 6pm start, EA Auditorium, Ground Floor, 8 Thomas Street, Chatswood]

2014-04-22 Clark Equipment site visit
[11am-1:30pm, Clark Equipment Head Office, Hornsby, 2077]
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Posted by Edwin Terry on IET New South Wales (NSW) Network Dec 6, 2013 12:04 GMT
 by:  S Laurence Cachia      Chartered Engineer,  M.I.E.Aust. 1970,         M.I.E.E.(Lon.) 1967, M.I.E.R.E.(Lon.) 1961      A force field is assumed to exist and pervades the universe. I shall call this field " Fu ".   I shall state my... read more...
Posted by Edwin Terry on IET New South Wales (NSW) Network Dec 6, 2013 11:02 GMT

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Site Visit to Quickstep Technologies 3rd December
Tuesday 3rd December 2013
Site visit to Quickstep Technologies Pty. Ltd.
Presented by Adriano De Pietro: R&D Manager
Hear how Quickstep is addressing issues in the composite material
value chain in order to provide cutting edge solutions to industry.
Quickstep’s ultimate goal is to provide efficient low cost composites to the aero and auto markets to address weight issues, increase fuel economy and range and provide a viable solution to e-mobility.
Adriano manages R&D projects as well as a number of overseas projects. He has previously worked for the DMO and in various project management roles. Adriano graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) from the ANU in 2007, and is currently completing a PhD in automated fibre placement with in-situ cure of advanced composites at ANU.

361 Milperra Road, Bankstown Airport, NSW, 2200
Sign in/registration will be required with driver’s licence or passport ID
(Please Note: strict requirements on footwear all must be fully enclosed so no heels or toes visible. Cameras are not permitted).
6:00 for 6.30 pm start.
Light refreshments will be served. To assist with catering, please confirm attendance by logging in or with any of the following committee members:
Login for this event is:
Graham Lee 0402 223633,
  • Posted Wed 27 Nov 2013 10:04 GMT

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