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Assalam o Alaikum! I am B.Tech Hons (Electronics) HND (Computer Systems Engineering) IEng MIET. Can anyone explain about the IET Executive Team of Pakistan Level. Thank you.
  • Posted Sun 25 Oct 2015 01:19 PM GMT

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A group who promote science, engineering and technology, encourage people to enter the profession and provide opportunities to share and develop knowledge and network.

IET Karachi Network

Chairman:  ZAFAR FARIDI - BE, CEng, MIET 17153577
Vice Chairman: Dr. TALAT ALTAF - BSc.Eng, MSc.Eng, Ph.D, MIET 100203591
Hon Secretary & Treasurer:  Dr. Muhammad Ali Ismail  - BE, ME, Ph.D MIET 90091757
Executive Committee Members
  • MAROOF MEHBOOB - B.Eng, MSc, MIET 29505266
  • REHAN SAEED - BS, ME, CEng, MIET 27019253

The Network has TWO student Chapters
  • NEDUET Student Chapter www.facebook.com/IETNEDStudentChapter
  • PNEC Student Chapter      www.facebook.com/ietpnec

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