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Welcome to the IET's Antennas & Propagation Network, we bring together engineers working in the field of Antennas and Propagation wherever in the world you are based, you are welcome to join us!  If you haven't already, please login, join the group and introduce yourself to fellow engineers.

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Programme Announcement! We are delighted to announce that the  programme  for The 3rd Colloquium on Antennas, Wireless and Electromagnetics has now been completed. We would now encourage you to  visit and review the presentations  that will be on show at the event.  By reviewing the presentations you will be supporting ... read more...
Posted by Robert Allen on IET Antennas and Propagation Network May 11, 2015 9:20 AM BST

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LAPC 2014 is looking to take on board an extra few reviewers too replace those who have retired. If you are interested in reviewing papers for LAPC 2014, please send us your CV with a full list of publications to We welcome applications from colleagues in industry. Unfortunately, we cannot recruit current PhD students.
  • Posted Mon 28 Apr 2014 08:40 AM BST

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We cover all aspects of theory, design and modelling of antenna systems and associated components, as well as theoretical and wave experimental studies of electromagnetic wave propagation at any frequency.

bca501da75aede69671f5879fbcc39b7-huge-colloquium.jpgColloquium on Antennas, Wireless and Electromagnetics
A free one-day meeting to bring together research engineers and scientists to share the latest technical knowledge about electromagnetic devices, systems and the propagation of electromagnetic fields.

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