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Next Activities of IET Switzerland are:
  • AGM in Lucerne on 10 May with a visit to the Swiss Transport Museum; the AGM itself; a walk along the shore of the lake; followed by dinner at the Hotel Ibis
  • PATW at RUAG Space in Zurich on 26 May. This is the IETs Present Around the World Competition for students and graduates to present their paper in front of judges and IET members, where the winner goes off somewhere nice for the next round
  • Weekend in Davos, 23 & 24 August. Technical visit to the Institute of Snow and Avalanche Research; a visit to the highest brewery in Europe; and a hike to the waterfall in the Sertig Valley next morning
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Swiss researchers have developed a new Android application that enables securing shared information automatically. The app, said to be the first semi-automated system to filter what information from a smartphone can be transmitted to a third party or made accessible, will undergo an extensive trial during the summer to validate the approach. ... read more...
Posted by Lisa Miles on IET Switzerland Network Mar 26, 2014 2:26 GMT
We are looking at the following possibe events in the next 12 months or so: Horizon scanning in November Visit to a brewery - probably near Berne, together with an "open" committee meeting - second half of September Gotthard tunnel - probably visit the southern part - Ceneri, with social event in Locarno the next day - early October? ... read more...
Posted by Paul Hulbert on IET Switzerland Network Jun 9, 2013 7:18 GMT

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Please note that the next IET Switzerland Committee Meeting will be on 11th January 2014 at 15:15 in Hotel Kreuz Bern!
You are welcome to attend as an observer if you would like an inkling of what your committee gets up to! Please let me know in advance if you plan to do so.
Peter Dias-Lalcaca
Hon Sec
  • Posted Thu 05 Dec 2013 11:07 GMT

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Welcome to the community of the IET in Switzerland. Here you will find general information on the community, as well as up to date information on technical and social events being organised.

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