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Recent Raspberry Pi workshop material
The slides and code used in the recent IET Solent Network YP Raspberry Pi workshops can now be found online here.

Online discussion
What actions might the IET Solent Local Network take in order to be more beneficial to local Engineering and Technology businesses? If you are involved with such a business in the Solent Area then we are keen to hear your views! Join in the online discussion here.

Warning - Event Times
11/12/2013; updated 20/01/2014
Details of events reached by clickling on 'Events' in the right margin of this page are incorrect in that the start time is one hour too late and the finish time is typically 25 hours too late.  Also there is no obvious path from the summary page to the detailed event page.  The problem may be fixed one day but in the meantime use the links below or the main events calendar to search for events which are on a later schedule.

Most Recent Blog Posts

Following a very interesting and closely fought Present Around The World competition heat  on 25th February 2014, congratulations go to Dean O'Brien from BAE Systems for achieving first place with his presentation "If A Tree Falls In An Imaginary Forest, What Sound Does It Make". Congratulations also go to John Wheal from the... read more...
Posted by Joe Dunn on IET Solent Network Mar 28, 2014 11:50 GMT
It's back! ...And improved! The Great Egg Race engineering competition 2013! Teams of 6 are tasked with designing, building, testing and demonstrating a device capable of safely transporting an egg from one location to another e.g. from floor to table, from table to floor, or from table to table across a divide using only limited materials... read more...
Posted by Joe Dunn on IET Solent Network Oct 4, 2013 9:50 GMT

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The Solent Network includes the Isle of Wight and all of Hampshire south of a line to the north of Alton and Winchester.

Four communities organise events: