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Just uploaded the EVENT EVALUATION

Event: IET Bahrain LN Annual Get-Together and Gathering Time
Bahrain, Date: MONDAY, 14TH OF JULY 2014, 9:30 PM.
“IET Bahrain LN Annual Get-Together and Gathering Time”, is an annual event being held by Bahrain IET LN. Such an event is usually conducted during the summer time. The event is also scheduled as an annual over the Bahrain business plan 2013-2014. The purpose of such event is to invite engineers and professionals, IET members in Bahrain, specific engineering government officials in Bahrain, hence to tell about the IET in Bahrain. The event is also an opportunity to hear from other about our rules and ways to correct things for better performance. The event was held at Bahrain Society of Engineers Main Hall, where the office of the IET is located, and where a number of IET events are conducted during the year. The event is sort of a Public awareness and a Promotional activity. It was good to hear about how to better communicate with other professionals in Bahrain. The event was announced via emails calls from Bahrain IET LN, at the same time it was announced over the IET Bahrain LN my community website. The event was attended by almost (+85) non IET members personals, and the, around (13) IET members from Bahrain. In reference to the submitted BP plan for 2013-2014, this is considered as the last event for the 2013-204 session.
Events photos were also uploaded ..
  • Posted Mon 21 Jul 2014 11:19 GMT

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