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54th 2014 Hunter Memorial Lecture
This lecture will be delivered by Mr. Mark Shorrock (CEO of Tidal Lagoon Power) on "Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon: a blueprint for a new kind of energy infrastructure" and will examine the plans for the tidal lagoon, the technology it will employ and the civil engineering challenges it will navigate.
Lecture 03 Dec 2014, Birmingham


HVDC and Power Applications of Nano-materials
Nano-materials and their application as electrical insulating materials have been eagerly anticipated in the light of exciting laboratory developments globally. However, translation to engineering practise has not yet met early expectations. This lecture will examine the promising attributes of nano-materials and the factors that make them attractive as new materials technologies. 

Lecture 01 Oct 2014, Staffordhire University. Register here.

CCS - a must-have to beat climate change
Carbon Capture and Storage is the only way we can reduce CO2 emissions and keep fossil fuels in the UK’s electricity supply mix.  The Government recently announced investment of around £100m in the White Rose and Peterhead CCS projects.  Jeff will review the current state of play in the UK and internationally and future prospects. 

Lecture 15 May 2014, Birmingham. Register here.

IET Engineering Prize Award Evening (in association with Industry)
This event brings together the work of graduates, post graduates and recent graduate engineers in a unique setting. Come and meet future engineers and see a rich cornucopia of engineering projects as undertaken in universities and industry across the Midlands region.
Exhibition commences 18.00 room EC1-29, Prize awards 20.45
Exhibition 18 Mar 2014, Coventry University, EC Building, Gulson Road, CV1 2JH
Liquid Air (Cryogenic) Energy Storage - LAES
This talk will be given by Gareth Brett, CEO of Highview Power Storage, and will give an insight into the company’s novel cryogenic energy storage system, currently operating a 300kW/2.5MWh pilot plant. LAES is one of a few storage technologies that can be delivered at large scale, long duration and with no geographical constraints. The talk will focus on the pilot plant as well as future planned projects to scale up the technology to a commercial multi-MW demonstrator. 
Lecture 27 Feb 2014, Birmingham. Register here

An Introduction to CHP
CHPs are a recognised source of low carbon energy for residential, commercial and industrial sites and recent legislative and incentive changes makes them even more important. The lecture will give an overview of the technology, discuss some of the common pitfalls and present some case studies of CHP installations.
Lecture 13 Nov 2013, Birmingham

53rd 2013 Hunter Memorial Lecture (& Dinner)
This lecture will be delivered by Mr. Tony Cocker (CEO of E.ON UK) on "The change to our electricity supply system - what do we need to do and how do we gain support from our customers and communities?". A dinner will be held after the lecture.
Lecture (& dinner) 5 Dec 2013, Birmingham

Energy Storage: A utilities perspective
As interest in the storage of electrical energy and the number of applications grow due to the transformation of our energy system, this talk aims to address the current technology options, services and benefits which storage can provide while giving insights and examples from E.ON’s activities within the energy storage arena.
Lecture 29 Oct 2013, Birmingham

Circuit Breaker Development: from Air Breakers to SF6
With the growth of transmission systems over the last 90 years circuit breaker technologies have moved from air, oil, air blast, to SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers. the lecture highlights some of the key issues and limitations of these technologies.
Lecture 23 May 2013, Ruxton Technology Centre, Staffordshire University, Stafford

Electricity: Generation to Supply - the Market

Liberalisation of the electricity industry in 1990 has consequences for the design of market mechanisms for the deployment of all components of electricity supply, ranging from generation to smart metering.
Lecture 15 Apr 2013, Birmingham

University Project Evening

Come along and meet future engineers, find out about their project activities and the engineering specialism’s and research areas of their universities.
Exhibition 13 Mar 2013, Coventry University

Understanding LED Lighting: Key Questions to ask your LED Suppliers

Following the development of white light LEDs in the mid-90s and the more recent launch of high efficacy devices, LEDs are fast becoming the lighting technology of choice. This illustrated talk will discuss the development of LED lighting, and using the UK guidance on specification, look at the key questions buyers need to address.
Lecture 18 March 2013, Birmingham

Railway Electrification - Why 25kV?

This lecture will be delivered by Graeme Brindle (Technical Director, Electrical & Systems Engineering, Amey), who will discuss the history and development of railway electrification within the UK.
Lecture 28 Feb 2013, Birmingham

High Voltage Power & Seawater – Rewards & Risks

The BritNed HVDC link connects the transmission systems in Great Britain and the Netherlands. The interconnector entered service in 2012. The 2.2 GW Western Link has 385km cable offshore and is the first HVDC link on the UK’s transmission network to use thyristor technology. The lecture covers the two projects including an interactive technical Q&A.
Lecture 17 Jan 2013, Birmingham

Hunter Memorial Lecture (& Dinner) 2012
This lecture will be delivered by Professor Xiaozin Zhou (Electric Power Research Institute, Beijing, China) on "The Present and Future Development of Power Grid and Sources in China". A dinner will be held after the lecture.
Lecture (& dinner) 29 Nov 2012, Birmingham

Nuclear Fusion: A clean future
This lecture will discuss the technologies and experiments at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy. More details will follow shortly.
Lecture 10 Oct 2012, Birmingham

Emerging technologies: Plug-In Vehicle Infrastructure
This lecture explores the current Plug-in Vehicle market, the charging technologies and the next stages in developing an infrastructure to support a mass market of Plug-in Vehicles.
Lecture 19 Sept 2012, Birmingham

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