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As a School Liaison Representative in South West Scotland and STEM ambassador with Science Connects I have been in touch with Whiting Bay Primary School on Arran. The school would like to enter some P5 to P7pupils as competitors in the Junior Saltire Award this year. As I am not a specialist in the selected field this year - energy extraction from flowing water (tidal) can I ask for some support on behalf of the school. This would be an ideal opportunity for STEM interface and lots of exposure for us as well as the competitors. Establishing links with Arran would be good too and hopefully lead to inspiration of some of our future engineers and technologists. You can find out more here
If you live on Arran and can help that would be ideal as you might be able to drop by the school from time to time, otherwise communication would be by email, Skype or other similar.
Looking forward to hearing from some of you and kicking off a great project with the school. I will arrange initial contact with the school via the organising teacher.
I'm re posting to add that I would expect somewhere between 2 and 4 hours per month contribution to provide support and assistance remotely by email or Skype. The dates which the competitors have to meet are on the website:
but in short are:
20th December 2013 team registration deadline
28th February 2014 design submitted
30th April 2014 submit evidence of completed model
During May 2014 shortlist of 9 finalists made
4th June 2014 Testing at Edinburgh University FloWave
5th June 2014 Final Judging

Best regards

Ken Mollison
  • Posted Tue 03 Dec 2013 10:03 GMT

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