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The first Scotland South East branch event is on Wednesday 1st October at the Caledonian Hotel on Princes Street, Edinburgh.   The speaker will be Dr. Peter Mendham from Bright Ascension. The presentation is entitled UKube-1 and Software for the Nano-Satellite Revolution.  Please register to let us know how many attendees to expect.

Click here to download the White Book 2014-15 of IET events in Scotland.

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The IET Scotland South East Committee for 2014-15 elected in May 2014 comprises the following office bearers.  Please address questions to the secretary Robert D'Arcy .  To contact others on the committee, if there is a link, click to be taken to their MyCommunity page, then "Select add as... read more...
Posted by David Ferguson on IET Scotland South East Network Sep 16, 2014 3:15 GMT

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The prestigious Turin lecture is coming to town…… Dr. Meyerson, an IBM Fellow, now serving as IBM’s Vice President for Innovation
gives the 16th lecture in this prestigious series on ‘Information technology in a "post-silicon world"; Innovations, applications, and anticipations’

Turin Lecture

  • Posted Thu 09 Jan 2014 09:58 GMT

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Our aim is to improve the engagement of the Scotland South East community with engineering both locally and nationally. Whatever your involvement, we aim to have something of interest for you.

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