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Illustrations from Prof. Roulston's talk on 13th May can be found here:
Trans-horizon Digital Troposcatter Communications Link

You may also be interested to read Chairman Ben Clarke's Summary of the Year 2013-14

The AGM has now taken place.  The programme for the session commencing in the Autumn will be listed here when it becomes available.  Meanwhile - enjoy the summer!

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The prestigious Turin lecture is coming to town…… Dr. Meyerson, an IBM Fellow, now serving as IBM’s Vice President for Innovation
gives the 16th lecture in this prestigious series on ‘Information technology in a "post-silicon world"; Innovations, applications, and anticipations’

Turin Lecture

  • Posted Thu 09 Jan 2014 09:58 GMT

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Our aim is to improve the engagement of the Scotland South East community with engineering both locally and nationally. Whatever your involvement, we aim to have something of interest for you.