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PATW 2015
TPN Aerospace Conference

Welcome message from the IET Singapore Chair, 2013-14

As this year's Chairman, I am pleased to welcome you to this prestigious organisation of esteemed professionals.

Engineering, and science for that matter, has been my greatest fascination. I've been an engineer for the last 40 years and perhaps even earlier on at 14 when I attempted to make a four-digit electronic calculator from a Wireless World kit and managed to burn a hole in the dining room table with my soldering iron. To uncover how things work and to make things work have been a life-long passion not just because of the sense of discovery but because of the knowledge that what we do as engineers and technicians, as proven by the ones before us, have changed and continue to change the course of human existence. 

As individuals, we have made big things happen - we've built buildings, bridges, mammoth machines, hardware, software and latterly Apps. But as a collective, we have an even greater task. The IET is not a corporation after a bottom line. We are a society with a duty to our peers and those following in our footsteps. We exist to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and skills, to make information and resources easily accessible to our members, and to encourage people to enter the profession so that one day they too may be able to make life-changing discoveries and inventions.

So while it is an honour to be in this society, it is not a privilege but a responsibility. And so as I welcome all of you to the Singapore Network, I share with you the honour and the responsibility that I believe all of us here wholeheartedly embrace.

Let me also take this opportunity to invite you to our future events, talks, lectures, and maybe to a fundraising dinner or two, or a chat about soldering irons over coffee.

Hope to see you all soon!

David Griffiths C. Eng. FIET

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The IET Singapore Network Present Around The World (PATW) 2014 takes place at The Orchard Hotel on Saturday 17th May, 2014. Presentations from the competitors will take place from 1pm onwards.

Looking forward to seeing a very high standard of presentations from the competitors involved, from a diverse spectrum of engineering disciplines.

Please come down to support the competition!

  • Posted Mon 12 May 2014 02:34 AM BST

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Singapore is home to about 900 IET members. We organise technical talks as well as visits to major engineering projects in the city. We have a thriving student section at Nanyang Technological University.

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