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  • Category: Social event
    8Jan at 14 2: 45pm - How do you stretch the foto to make it fit now that I have saved this event to take a look in its final version. Will it show up on internet via google search?
  • 4Oct13- This version of the event, as shown, is however still incomplete but the basics are there! regards, Johan, Owner
  • 28Sep13 - changed email of Mike Street. But all fields still not availabe for editing / changing event status etc.
  • 17Sep13. Created the event and saved the fields including the addition of the picture. What happened to the field tickbox just for selected members to view and comment? How can I now add the persons from my selection to c...
  • Category: Social event
    5Aug13 - Changed date and time. Added a text line. Ticked off the make public box to lauch this reoccurring event.