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The IET has numerous technical communities. Each community is driven by a group of volunteers who work or have expertise within the topic area and promotes the sharing and advancement of knowledge through various activities.

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  • Annual Northern Aerospace Forum
    • Created: Nov 6 at 4:17 GMT
    • Public
  • A community that covers all Bombardier Transport operations (signalling, vehicles, aerospace) worldwide
    • Created: Jan 9 at 3:19 GMT
    • Private
  • A community to discuss share and pool expert knowledge on Building Information Modelling (BIM) from the IET to communicate to the industry Community.
    • Created: Jan 24 at 10:31 GMT
    • Public
  • Complex systems are those which exhibit global behaviours which cannot be easily predicted by examining their constituent components in isolation. They often involve interconnections of heterogenous physical systems  interfac...
    • Created: Sep 17 at 9:02 BST
    • Public
  • This community will focus on recent developments in electromagnetic modelling. It will be of interest to academics undertaking research in Electromagnetics and to engineers in fields such as telecommunications, propagation and r...
    • Created: Jul 18 at 12:51 BST
    • Private
  • An online area for those involved with cyber security
    • Created: May 28 at 10:25 BST
    • Public
  • The IET Data Centre Engineering Community is a free to access group open to all with an interest in data centre activities.

    The intention of this group is not to create yet another data centre interest group but rather to bring the large nu...
    • Created: Apr 18 at 11:00 BST
    • Public
  • A meeting place for the wider EVI-GTi Community

    Join the EVI-GTI LinkedIn group

    • Created: Sep 1 at 1:22 BST
    • Public
  • An online community to discuss and debate the topic of Future Energy.
    • Created: Oct 10 at 3:34 BST
    • Public
  • The Aerospace Network is the principal point of reference for IET members and non-members engaged in electronics, electrical, production and systems engineering within the international aerospace community.
    • Created: Oct 1 at 8:11 BST
    • Public
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