Infrastructure Risk and Resilience

The IET remains firmly interested in the engineering techniques and approaches to the protection of assets in terms of reliable systems design, identification of failure modes and single points of failure.  Furthermore the processes for combating malicious attack and reducing impact of human/operator error and the methodology for assessing environmental impact on assets.

Following the IET’s collaborative relationship with the European Commission and other professional bodies addressing the protection of our infrastructure, the IET has coordinated a number of offerings in this area:

Special Interest Publications

Infrastructure Risk and Resilience: Transportation – Recent events have shown that failures within transport networks can have cascading and unintended consequences that cannot be easily militated against.  This publication highlights the current thinking regarding the resilience of Transport Networks, including the assessment of criticality, vulnerability, risk and the identification of measures to reduce the likelihood or consequences of man-made and natural events.

Delivering London 2012: ICT Enabling the games: this publication sets the scene on how the ODA approached the design and installation of the ICT infrastructure with a mind-set of it must not fail.

Delivering London 2012: ICT implementation and operations: this second publication then followed post Games, with case studies and feedback on how many of those elements, and more, did deliver and the valuable lessons learned that can be applied to future projects like the Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 and Olympic Games Brazil 2016

Industry Insights presentations

11 October | IET London: Savoy Place: Infrastructure Risk and Resilience, Assessing and understanding risk and building resilience.  View Presentations

30 April 2013 | IET London: Savoy Place: Solar Storms: Building a business case to protect and prepare ground based infrastructure against geomagnetic storms. View Presentations

20 May 2013 | IET London: Savoy Place: Intelligent Infrastructure Predict and Prevent. View Presentations

6 June 2013 | IET London: Savoy Place: Security technology - an industry perspective. View Presentations

Cyber security

Resilience and Cyber Security of Technology in the Built Environment
This briefing is essential reading for those involved in the specification, design, procurement and operation of buildings where there is a convergence of corporate IT and building systems.