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My Top 5 Web Gripes

Why everything you're doing is wrong. 5. 'Fun' text
Coloured or centred text on a webpage looks terrible. And it typically annoys readers.

You might think it's 'quirky' or 'fun' - but it's like the web-equivalent of a businessman wearing a 'comedy' neck-tie. No one's laughing - and it looks bad. 
It's just going to make users wonder why you've gone out of your way to make your webpage look like something from a cheap pyramid-scheme website from 1993 - and will stop them reading...
4. Un-content
Old, out-of-date and irrelevant content or information is annoying. This will cause your users to look elsewhere for information. 
Be sure to update your webpages regularly and keep all the information current and relevant – then there's a chance users my stop back again some day.
3. Nothing but text
There’s nothing more off-putting than landing on a webpage that’s laid out as a continuous passage of text. 
Break up your content with images, headings and clear sections to make it easier to scan, read and digest.

2. Underlining stuff that isn't a link.
When users see underlined text now (or text that's a different colour, for that matter) they're going to think it's a link. Don’t go confusing people. 
If you want to emphasise a word, why not use italics instead or create a new heading?
1. 'Click here'
The words 'click here' have been around since the dawn of the Internet, and have been rightly shunned for at least half that period, in favour of more interesting and usable options. 
As well as being incredibly boring and lazy, using the words 'click here' is also unnecessary and requires the user to read the whole sentence to find out what’s going to happen next. 
Why not describe what’s going to happen when they click on the link instead?

Be kind to your users - and they'll be kind to you. 
Posted by Edward Oliver Higgins on Aug 2, 2013 10:01 AM Europe/London